PMC on American Public Radio

Splendid Table / May 6, 2011

A shorter version of the Destination DIY show that featured the PMC’s pig butchery and rabbit slaughter classes will begin hitting the Splendid Table air waves on May 6, with OPB airing it on May 8. Check out their website for more details as the date nears!

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  1. The Proprietor says:

    I recently heard the This American life episode on animal sacrifice with the rabbit story from Camas. At the time, I was elbow deep, quite litterally, in the south end of a north facing turkey. It was time to slaughter our final turkeys of the season and I was grabbing that turkey by the gizzard and giving a steady pull.

    I enjoyed your peice on the radio and it was interesting to hear the topical topic while I was in action as a practioner.

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