How Bavette Steak Changed My Life

Honored to be included in Sunset magazine’s “9 Dishes That Got Top Western Chefs Cooking,” though I am definitely not one of the West’s top chefs, at least not professionallyspeaking anyway!

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3 Responses to How Bavette Steak Changed My Life

  1. johnieb says:

    Don’t tell anyone except me anything please; I’m thinking of moving to Portland. If so, I look forward to your classes eagerly.

  2. Norm Schoen says:

    I came across “Flap Steak” at good butcher shop in Portland, Oregon.
    I am almost afraid to tell friends about this cut because the supply is so small.
    I think they could triple their sales if they just called it a “Bavette Steak”.

    • Portland Meat Collective says:

      If you can find flap steak at a reasonable price in Portland, I’m impressed. A few years ago when myself and a bunch of other big-mouthed media started talking about it, the prices started to increase. I should have kept quiet!

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