23 Rabbits Stolen

Rather conveniently, right before today’s rabbit class, 23 rabbits were stolen from a PMC instructor’s backyard. Unfortunately, whomever stole the rabbits left 9 still-nursing baby rabbits without a mom. Because the baby rabbits lacked a food source, the nine babies died.  We’re not sure whether the robbery was politically or economically motivated or both, but we would like to try and find out who did it and why. If anyone has any information or leads regarding this, please contact us at   Thank you.

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  2. Julie says:

    Taking an animal out of a cold, steel cage and giving them a loving, warm home isn’t slavery. It’s love and companionship. And everyone who has every sheltered a pet and witnessed the love they give knows this to be 100% fact. Raising sentient, intelligent beings exclusively to be wantonly slaughtered to not satisfy hunger, but a selfish palate– that IS slavery. It IS immoral. And it IS illogical. And I condemn it.

    I condemn what your company did to the rabbits that were given a chance at love, freedom and companionship. I condemn your greedy, heartless act. You have demonstrated the absolute worst of what human kind is capable of.

    No, you have not shown how much we as a species have “risen above” others. You have, to the contrary, shown just how dismally low we are capable of sinking.

    Shame, deep sorrowful shame on you.

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  4. FactsAreFriends says:

    Interesting how many condemn the owner for not feeding the baby rabbits. Have any of you tried to hand-raise rabbits from the age of one day? It’s nearly impossible. I have supplemented with homemade formula for baby bunnies whose mother was not producing enough milk, starting at a week. Completely hand-feeding babies from one day is much easier said than done, though, and has a miniscule survival rate. It is very difficult for them to drink from anything but a mother rabbit when they are that young, and they usually aspirate the formula you try to save them with, which causes them to die of drowning or pneumonia. What good is the magic colostrum, if it goes into their tiny lungs, because they’re trying to drink it from an eyedropper, or rubber nipple?

    Have any of you tried to keep 1-day-old babies alive, when they have no mother to nurse from, and they can’t take in the formula you are trying to give them? They don’t last long. You think 24 hours is suspicious. I have had a couple of baby rabbits die overnight just from crawling away from their littermates in the nest, and getting cold. They were fine, warm, and wiggly at night, and dead the next morning. And it doesn’t even have to be cold outside for it to happen; it can happen in the summer.

    If they miss a single feeding, they can become weak enough that they cannot nurse. Many times, as long as they don’t miss two in a row, they will survive and get back on track. Sometimes, they don’t.

    There are some things people just can’t do. One of them is be a mother rabbit.

    • Paniolo says:

      We always breed a non-proven doe three days after a proven one. That way, the proven doe could adopt the un-proven does if the need arises. My favorite cut of rabbit is the mid-section with the backstrap and the tender “bacon”.

      • Portland Meat Collective says:

        That is exactly what Levi Cole had done. There were two nursing rabbits, however both were taken.

  5. FakingShock says:

    So sorry that some misguided person or people felt it was their right to take what was not theirs. We see this everyday at the OWS, welfare office, on the street corners. People, who feel they do not have to contribute in any way to society, they can just take.

    I am amused by how many people use tid bits and information, taken completely out of context, to support their side of the argument.

    Welcome to the world of “You must bow to my belief” that has become so prevalent in our society.

    I hope you find the criminals who stole the property belonging to your member, Cody.

    • i hate speciesists says:

      exactly. don’t take lives that don’t belong to you.

      they are not property; they are living, feeling, sentient beings.

  6. Carnevor to the max says:

    I raise rabbit chicken ducks turkey and goat all for meat. Rabbit is delicious so is everything else I raise for my family. Try growing your own food. Yes I also have a garden the produces excellent vegetables to compliment my organically grown meat. I enjoy all my animals especially with gathered wild mushrooms and a nice red or hearty porter. In fact after hearing this I may donate the 12 that are almost ready to this class I hope you vegans enjoy your gmo grown vegetables I’m sure you know nothing of Bt vegetables. Call Monsanto they give you the low down on what you are eating. Trust me If those rabbits were release into the wild they were probably alldead by morning. Every hear a rabbit screaming while it is being eaten alive by another animal. Think about that you morons. Those animals died a muchore horrific death. But that’s nature that you urban vegans have no clue about. Come out to the rural areas and listen to the coyotes when the find some nice cute domestic rabbit to eat. Then listen to the screams of that rabbit that the nice actinides released into the wild. Wake up.

    • Denis says:

      Dem slaves wouldn’t know how to take care of themself’s all out thar in the wild like. We keep em safe and warm and fed here on the plantation.

    • Deborah says:

      God you can’t even spell carnivore. And where do you think you learned about Monsanto? From vegans dear. And what makes you think those rabbits were released into the wild? Did it ever occur to you that there are people who rescue animals and find them homes? That’s why it isn’t being done every night. It takes a minute to find good homes for them. If someone is willing to risk their freedom to save an animal, don’t you think they are going to take the time to make sure they’re safe? You’re not thinking dear. Clean out that carcass-cluttered colon of yours. It’ll clear your head.

  7. J says:

    Camas..! Put some google adsense up! Might as well make some money from this silly instream of totally unrealistic, worthless comment traffic..

    Hang in there.

  8. JVB says:

    I understand, I really do. I understand where you all are coming from. That said, whether or not humans were meant to eat meat isn’t really relevant. Doing what we are meant to do was never really that popular here, anyway. Carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore isn’t relevant. The simple fact of the matter is that people eat what they want. Further, people have stolen these rabbits. Key word: stolen. Whether they did it on behalf of what they perceive to be a good cause, they stole. We can speculate as to whether or not these rabbits are in good hands or running free, but they won’t last long. If we are getting in to the rights of the animals, it is possible to throw it back to Darwin. We have the ability to raise, kill (ideally ethically, not by roadkill,) and eat animals because we have excelled in a natural environment and, quite literally, rose above others. This isn’t animal genocide we’re talking about here, this is raising an animal and using it for meat. They are raised well and ethically, killed ethically, butchered respectfully, and enjoyed thoroughly.

    Notice that I did not call animal activists disgusting, nor did I call them stupid or attack them personally. I think that we can get along without being blatantly rude toward each other. If we are discussing respect for rabbits, that discussion shouldn’t include a personal attack against another person.

    • Denis says:

      You can steal property. Some people think living beings shouldn’t be property. We consider it, you know, slavery.

      • Omnivore says:

        You have a pet? A dog? Cat? A rabbit like Deborah?

        In the world of absolutes, that’s slavery too.

        I know John Brown. You sir, are no John Brown.

        • Deborah says:

          One of my hens is sitting on my lap right now. She just wants cuddles and kisses. One of my bunnies wouldn’t leave my side today. He just wants cuddles and kisses. Slaves? Hardly. They know how good they’ve got it here with me. And they appreciate the love and protection I give them. Don’t ALL beings deserve such a fate? I think so. They have dreams and desires to ya know. They reach out for affection and attention just like anyone else. Who am I to deny them? No, this feels good. This feels natural. Loving my sweet love bugs is right. I could never betray them in any way. Especially with a knife to their throat! Much better to have warm loving arms wrapped around them making them feel warm and safe and treasured.

  9. Caporino says:

    How can you feel bad about the deaths of animals that you were going to kill anyway?

    And besides, don’t rabbits “breed like rabbits”? I’m sure there’s more where they came from.

    I’ve been a meat eater for years, but now I’m starting to think it over.

  10. Mollimar says:

    I’m sure if the baby rabbits knew their fate they would be glad to have died now, instead of being skinned alive or worse. I am happy that the 23 others have a second chance at life.

    • Justin says:

      huh? I’ve personally attended a rabbit butchery class. There is no “skinning alive or worse”. At least understand what your protesting before you protest it.

      • i hate speciesists says:

        people often sell the rabbit’s skin/fur. i’ve read quotes from people who do this, explaining that the skin comes off easier when they are still alive and warm. there are some videos out there too, i’m sure. because sick people enjoy watching other people do sick things, such as murder and torture.

        • Portland Meat Collective says:

          We teach our students what to do with the rabbit fur. But we do not skin the animals alive. We also do not condone sick people watching other people do sick things.

    • krs says:

      Is that what this company does when slaughtering their animals? They skin them alive first?

      • Portland Meat Collective says:

        No. We do not skin rabbits alive.

        • Julie says:

          Aw, you don’t skin rabbits alive. You guys are so conscientious! No, you do the right thing. First you kill them for no reason whatsoever, and THEN you skin them. You guys are great. Round of applause for your fine company.

  11. Greg Griffee says:

    If man was ment to eat meat he would have given sharp claws/fangs etc…etc… he has nothing. do you see monkeys/gorillas eating dead animals.nope.if it was not for mere chance man would be should be eating people,there is not much most of wich need not be on this earth much like say hello to bad karma,ass cancer and other various types of odd diseases n such.i would run over a person than an ‘animal’ any day!!i now wish you bad day untill the end of time. …in these last days in time…..

  12. TJ says:

    Like it or not, humans are biologically engineered to eat meat. That is why we have incisor and canine teeth. If you choose not to eat meat, good for you, but allow the rest of us to make our own choices.

    • Deborah says:

      Don’t flaunt your ignorance. Carnivores have very short intestines so they can evacuate the rotting carcass quickly. Ours is MUCH longer so we can gather all the nutrients from a plant-based diet. We do not have the teeth of carnivores either. Our teeth are for mashing, again, plant matter. And if you consider yourself a Christian, read Genesis. It’s pretty clear what the human body was designed to use for food. Animals, according to Genesis, we created to be our companions. The way we are to treat them is the same way we are to treat our children. The same word was used. The words means stewardship. It was mistranslated as dominion at one time. Probably under pressure from the meat and dairy industry of old. Read. Better yet, look into your heart. If you can find it dear.

      • Lynn says:

        I think God likes meat
        Exodus 29:18
        Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the Lord, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the Lord.

    • Denis says:

      If you actually want to examine this question –

    • utilitarian says:

      human beings are also biologically engineered to die after 30-40 years.

  13. Deborah says:

    I will TRY to be polite here. This is difficult for me though as I have had companion house rabbits all my life. They are every bit as sweet and affectionate and intelligent as any dog. Yet if we had classes in how to murder dogs around here even cannibals would be in an uproar. How can you possibly justify killing and eating an animal you can find in a pet store (not that I approve) or a shelter? What is WRONG with you? What a humongous disconnect! What next? The family cat? If not, why not? Rabbits are companion animals. They can be litter trained easier than any other animal I’ve ever known. Leave them alone!

    And the woman yapping about how sad it was that the babies were left behind? Are you effing kidding me? Like you care. Puhlease!!!! Hypocrite!

    I am disgusted every time I go into a restaurant and see rabbit on the menu. I always leave. I don’t even shop in grocers that sell them. (Whole Foods by the way is the only place that does not sell rabbit. I’m told they never will either. Take that New Seasons!) Have a heart. Do what Christ would do. (By the way, He was vegan too. Of course!)

    • That'sInteresting says:

      Wow, Christ was vegan? Interesting…where did you come up with that one? I know I can point out *at least one reference* where He ate fish…which would make Him NOT vegan. Are you against ALL meat or just Rabbit? If you truly are VEGAN, why do you shop at ANY store that sells meat of any kind?

  14. Woody says:

    These militant “animal rights” activist disgust me. An animal has the right the live and reproduce until something else eats it. Period. Their view of the circle of life on the planet are so twisted that they are simply a joke. EVERYTHING on the earth depends on the death of something else for it’s survival.

    I raise rabbits, chickens, turkeys, for meat for for my family. In the past I’ve also raised pork, beef and lamb. I hunt for deer and elk when by budget allows. I fish for halibut, salmon, tuna and crab during the summer. I also raise a garden every year and forage for wild mushrooms, huckleberries and razor clams.

    I see no difference between raising a rabbit for slaughter and growing a tomato in my garden, or killing a deer or picking a mushroom. They are all grown with everything they need to grow strong and healthy and harvested…..and eaten with respect. It’s called life.

    • Denis says:

      As long as you include yourself and your family in that, you’re morally consistent. I’m guessing you don’t. I guessing you would consider it wrong for someone to kill you for food just because they can. You actually probably believe there is some inherent difference between humans and non-humans that justifies the slaughter of one and not the other. Such a belief is called speciesism, and it’s no different from racism or sexism.

  15. Paniolo says:

    There are no vegetarian native tribes in the North or South American continent, are there?

    I know there are vegan tribes in the tropics, who out of respect for their dearly departed, refuse meat on account of their belief in re-incarnation. Who’d want to hurt granny if she were re-born as a cockroach or pig?

    So, prehistoric tendencies aside, is the argument for becoming vegetarian out of religious zeal?

    • Regina Ripley says:

      No, it’s done for something you know nothing about–compassion for other sentient beings.

      • Paniolo says:

        “no vegetarian tribes” means leave and join tribes in India.
        “re-born as cockroach or pig” means compassion for other sentient beings ought to extend to termites, mosquitoes, bedbugs, vermin and cockroaches.
        “religious zeal” means convert or die.

        With these clarifications, can you answer the question please and don’t lie about my having no compassion. FYI, I do my own butchering after thanking the rabbit, goat, pig, chicken, duck, quail, turkey, etc. for it’s ultimate offering. It is done quickly and nothing goes to waste.

        BTW, I’ll die to protect your right to preach your creed. I’ll also shoot the neighbor’s dog that raids the chicken coop.

  16. Nom nom nom says:

    Rabbit butchering class, I’m in! Funny thing is I probably never would have known the class was available if it not for the thefts. A buddy from church was talking about it and we’re gonna try to get a group together. Thanks PMC!

    • Jaye says:

      I would not have known about the PMC until I saw it on the new either. Sign me up for a rabbit butchering class too. Especially since I am planning on getting some rabbits for food too.

  17. Tiny says:

    hahaha the 23 that where stolen have been cage rared they dont have burrows or the knowledge to survive in the wild so either they are still living in cages
    or they where given a second chance and released where they are now easy targets for preditors that will eat them lol but will not kill them quickly and humanely so i hope you are proud to have sentenced these animals to a way worse life

  18. Omnivore says:

    Militant vegans that try to shove their ethics down others throats are no different than the Westover Baptist Church protesting vet funerals, and shoving their drivel down peoples throats. Theft under dark of night is not only cowardly, but impacts the vegan message negatively. I also notice that those supporting this are lauding the theft of animals that were intended for use by people trying to take responsibility for their meat consumption. A loose community willing to work for it themselves. I don’t see many internet keybord commandos storming foster farms, or some cattle feedlot. Instead, marginalize a group of omnivores that are more likely to actually be thinking about what it means to eat meat.

    Yeah. Good luck with that.

    • Denis says:

      Fighting for the rights of others who are weaker is not shoving something down your throat. Unless you consider laws against child abuse, for instance, to be shoving something down your throat.

      • Deborah says:

        YES! Finally, intelligent life on this post.

      • Regina Ripley says:

        I can’t help but notice the absolute vitriolic comments from the meat eaters. Animal rights are here to stay –so get over it corpse munchers. No activists would ever leave the baby bunnies, so one of your own corpse munching brethren probably stole the rabbits. Poor things!

      • Omnivore says:

        Nothing cuter than a zealot with delusions of absolutism.

        Defense of the innocent is the same excuse abortion clinic bombers use. Westboro Baptist Church seems to be more accurate than I thought.

        What are you using to post these self righteous witticisms? How much plastic is in your home? No leather, right? Shoes chock full of petrochemicals. Electronic devices produced in China where chemicals kill animals every day. Drive a car? Thanks for adding to the global warming problem. Can I steal your car in defense of the polar bear? Live in a house? Thank you for supporting clearcut logging.

        The ones yelling the loudest from their high horses rarely think through their positions through to be able to move from chest pounding into rational discussion. You are no different. Too busy patting yourself on the back.

        • Denis says:

          You’re right. I agree. Many of our devices and conveniences of our way of life are based in suffering of others. To drive a car is to support rape and murder that was used to procure the oil. I am guilty of this and would not defend myself against the charge, unlike those on here who want to both eat dead bodies and claim some kind of moral high ground. However, I would say that there is a way to procure fossil fuels without rape and murder; our society and governments just don’t choose to embrace those methods. Just like there is a way to develop medicine without animal testing; our government doesn’t allow it. These structures persist because of economics. There is NO way to procure meat without murder. So to engage in that behavior is degrees more violent than driving a car or using an iPhone. Both are violent, but consumption of flesh is directly so.

          • Omnivore says:

            So your moral outrage is relative when applied to yourself, and OK. It’s only directly so because you have insulated yourself from that which you find uncomfortable. Karmically speaking there is no difference between killing and eating an animal, and supporting an industry that does. Got it.

            So, you never mentioned – can I steal your car and send it back to mother earth since you support rape and murder? I’m only fighting for the weak and defenseless. Don’t think of it as stealing, think of it as me “liberating” you from your crimes against humanity.

        • Stephen says:

          Nothing more cliched than a self-righteous meat eater peddling a tu quoque fallacy.

      • That'sInteresting says:

        Alright, if you really believe that….what is your stance on abortion? What is weaker or more vulnerable than an unborn child?

  19. Justin says:

    Enjoy your new life of freedom herbivores! you deserve no less…. When reading these articles im glad i dont support any form of meat or dairy industries…

    • Deborah says:

      That’s right. Better to die after a moment of freedom than to die at the hands of the one you grew to trust. How anyone could betray a little bunny rabbit is beyond me. You have to be extremely heartless to do something like that. Disgusting.

  20. Denis says:

    They weren’t “stolen.” They were “liberated.” When you keep living beings in order to kill them, you are a captor. You can not own a living being unless you believe in slavery, so they can not be “stolen.” And you really expect anyone to believe that you care about the death of baby bunnies? You’re just sad you don’t get to eat their flesh, you sickos.

  21. io says:

    Meat is for eating. Hunting, raising and butchering is a perfectly valid way to enjoy meat.

    Meat-haters should perhaps go after bigger, unethical targets like factory-farmed-meat suppliers, like say, Fred Meyer or Safeway. Try going after the real threat, folks.

    • Denis says:

      You know you’re made of meat too, right? So by your own logic, you are made for eating.

      • Woody says:

        Actually, yes. We are made of meat. There are several large predator species that would find us quite delicious. It’s called the food chain. I don’t live in denial.

        • Denis says:

          Great. So I don’t want to hear about you running to the cops if someone you love is killed. Since it’s all part of the food chain!

          • io says:

            How about the second part of my post, Denis?

            Any snarky responses to that, or are you so inflexible in your belief system as to understand the real threat to our food supply?

    • Regina Ripley says:

      Eat yourself corpse muncher!

      • Aaron says:

        I’d try human flesh if it was ethically produced. There are scientists working on lab-grown beef that can be simply grown on a substrate without a cow having to be killed to produce the muscle tissue. You have to figure they could do the same thing with human DNA. I imagine there might be some regulatory challenges. I guess you could always try your own flesh after having an arm amputated. I can’t think of any other way.

      • io says:

        Would you care to respond to the second part of my post, or are you just going to name-call?

        Targeting some small outfit like this is by no means honorable. Go after the big, massive targets, if you’re going to terrorize an institution, is my advice.

  22. JD Miller says:

    I steal vegetables from vegetarians.

  23. Vince Kennedy says:

    Breeding through the winter can present a problem. Baby bunnies are born without fur. The mother compensates for this by pulling her fur and covering the babies. If the Mother’s were taken in the cover of night, the owner would have not known that the babies were left unattended. If the owner had known the Mother wasn’t present on a 32F night, they would have either brought the babies inside, or cranked up heat lamps. Stealing the Mother’s killed the babies. A shame really since most likely they were being raised to be eaten.

  24. Jordan says:

    Oy. I find it ridiculous that people are applauding the theft of these rabbits. They were much more than likely kept in much better care than animals mass produced and sold in supermarkets. I don’t care if you think everyone should be a vegetarian/vegan: It is a person’s choice on whether or not they want to eat meat. At least people who raise their own meat are giving animals a much better existence and easier death than if they were raised for slaughter by whatever giant corporations.

  25. Aurora Cooney says:

    YAY for the 23 that got a 2nd chance on life.

    • Joyce Williams says:

      Aurora– Those rabbits would not have had a chance at any life– short, but good– if not bred for food and cared for by someone who was concerned for them. What kind of intelligence or concern did the rabbit THIEF have for the abandoned babies?

      • Deborah says:

        BS! My rabbits live the life of Reilly let me tell ya! I would LOVE to come back as one of my bunnies. There IS a better way to treat ALL of life my dear. First. Do NO harm.

  26. Tina says:

    The babies may have also died due to lack of warmth provided by their mother. Having raised rabbits most of my life, the babies are definitely not easy to bottle feed and are very, very sensitive to heat and cold. By the time someone realized the theft had occurred, the babies may not have been able to be saved. Regardless of how some may feel about the release of these rabbits, it is still theft. I sincerely hope that whomever has taken these rabbits has the resources to care for them.

  27. Devin P says:

    I have no idea who took your rabbits, but newsflash, they almost certainly did so because they are sickened by the entire thing. I applaud them. You think because you have power over these rabbits and that might makes right, you have the right to do with them as you wish. Well guess what, other humans have the might to make it harder for you to do.

    • Deborah says:

      SO true! I hope in the very near future, NO ONE will get away with abusing animals anymore. ANY animal. ANI means LIFE. Christ also means life. I’m not a religious fanatic but I know anti-Christ means anti-life. We are indeed in the days of the anti-Christ. No respect for life. Sadly, most of these people, these anti-Christs, call themselves “Christians”. :Q Disgusting!

      • Aaron says:

        No, the prefix derives from latin ane- “to breathe”. What part of the bible is that life part from? If anything you’d think you’d make the opposite connection. He died for your sins. The death of Jesus is what it’s all about. People still wear symbols of the execution device used to kill the guy. Some would call it a death cult. Do you think someone that does not follow the teachings of Christ would agree that they don’t believe in life? Antichrist is a specific term from the New Testament, and it also does not mean anti-life.

  28. Hop Around says:

    You know, all the ones you deleted. The only reason “the baby rabbits lacked a food source” is only because none of you could be bothered to feed them. Enjoy your karma.

  29. N.G. says:

    Why didn’t the person with the rabbits FEED the baby bunnies? That part seems very strange to me.

  30. Hmm says:

    Curious to know how nine baby rabbits could die overnight unless they were already in poor shape…? Mother rabbits only feed their babies twice a day anyway, and from what I hear it’s relatively easy to purchase colostrum to feed them yourself.

    Also, Camas Davis said in her interview with Oregon Live that the purpose of starting the Portland Meat Collective was to start discussions about eating meat, so why are comments from angry animal rights activists deleted from this page? It seems like the censorship of different opinions is hypocritical and counter-productive to the goals Davis claims to have.

    • Deborah says:

      Yep. I don’t expect any of my posts to make it to this page either. Pathetic. Enjoy your karma killers! Live by the sword, or slaughtering knife, die by the sword.

  31. Peter Keller says:

    So you’re sad the 9 baby rabbits died because it denied you the chance to kill them instead later? And the lives of the other 23 rabbits slated for slaughter didn’t matter? Spare me the tears.

    • Tess Faulkner says:

      Peter, I thought the same thing…the rabbits were going to die anyway…at least these ones died in exchange for the release of 23 others. Otherwise they all would have died. I’m not so moved by “people’s choice” to eat meat for otherwise…these rabbits had no choice and someone gave them an opportunity to live. And I’m definitely okay with that.

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  33. Athonwy Doherty says:

    So, rather than bottle feed 9 rabbits you chose to let them die? As what, some kind of sick act of retaliation? You PMC people are real class acts.

  34. Hop Around says:

    I am a human being and I approve all the comments on this ‘story’.

  35. fuckyou says:

    Couldn’t be bothered to bottle feed these supposed babies?
    I smell a rat, why not murder it if you like the taste of rodent so much?

  36. Danielle Legg says:

    I’m sorry, am I supposed to be sad that the babies lost their mother because she was stolen, or should I have waited for that sorrow until you took their mother and killed her. Please don’t pretend as if you actually care that these babies died (if there were even really left there) When you’re going to kill someone, you don’t pull the “oh no the shame” card when their babies die. It makes you look like a fool. Or is it okay when someone dies at your hand, but not because they’ve lost their mother (the mother you’d planned to kill) or wait, should I believe that had she been with them ONE more night, THEN magically they’d all have been okay. I’m sorry you see animals as a commodity, I don’t.

    • Deborah says:

      I couldn’t agree more. So glad there are so many intelligent “heartful” people on this post. I hope those bunnies are enjoying their freedom in the hands of a loving human. If I knew where they were, I’d take all of them in. They’d LOVE my space believe me. I have 4 house bunnies and 2 house hens and they all live here in the living room with me, happy as peas in a pod. :)

  37. boaz patlur says:

    where are you guys located. i’d like to check out the rabbits!! they are cool. i’m glad 23 rabbits get a chance at life. i feel bad for the 9 babies.

  38. jes says:

    So what is the life that these rabbits will have? More life in confinement… or a few more wonderful days experiencing the pleasure of starvation as they fail to forage and end up dying a less that humane death?

    • Danielle Legg says:

      Yes, yes they’ll fail to forage, because they have no idea how to eat or even be rabbits… right… gee golly gosh, I imagine if you gave them love and a warm home with food and water they’d probably starve and die because they wouldn’t know what to do with legitimate real care. Golly gee jes, it’s too bad the bunnies are so damn dumb… oh wait, that’s you. They’ll be fine, in homes, or free because anything is better than a chopping block. It’s a good try though, I hope it helps you to sleep telling yourself the animals are as mindless and heartless as you, does that make you feel less alone?

  39. emily says:

    Best of luck to the 23 rabbits with their new lease on life!

    • Lynn says:

      Even if I was a vegetarian I think I would prefer that the rabbits lose their life in a quick and humane fashion versus being chased and torn up by urban coyotes, which is probably what will happen if they were “liberated”.
      I hope for the sake of the rabbits that the person that did this has found them homes where they will treated as pets.

  40. Martin Guest says:

    The name of the contributor at 11.57 really says it all about the sort of people that enjoy the killing and eating of any animal doesn’t it. Fortunately I believe that flesh eating humans are dying out. Eventually we will have compassionate, caring people making the laws and abuse of animals will be history.

  41. MeatIsMURDER says:

    Im so happy to hear these rabbits were saved, you people are sick.

    • Deborah says:

      Cannibals have brains and hearts covered in the toxic by-products of using their colons as graveyards. They can’t think. They can’t love. They can only spew odorous toxic crap into the air. Their days are numbered. Evolution is on the horizon!!

  42. Fuck You says:

    Wake the fuck up! You urban pro “ethical meat” existence is seriously flawed and even more selfish. But don’t worry, it’s ok, you love your dog and cat, right?

  43. Jonathan Grindell says:

    I am thrilled that 23 rabbits get a 2nd chance at life and, if true, 9 baby rabbits aren’t going to be raised for slaughter for your sadistic blood lust!

  44. Beaumangeur says:

    Oy… grammar :)