2013: Could the Meat Collective Go National…or even International?

When my rabbit story aired on This American Life in December, I received an amazing amount of emails from people all over the world who wanted to know if there was a Meat Collective where they lived. Or, if not, how they could start one. It’s always been my goal to be able to create a model for butchery education and alternative meat economies that could be applied virtually anywhere. More »

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The Stall: Sometimes You’re Smoking A Pork Shoulder and Its Internal Temp Just Stops Rising!


Over on Wusthof’s website, I have a blog post about making pulled pork and mention that the internal temperature of one of the three pork shoulders I was smoking in my Weber grill just stopped rising. I left it for another hour and the temp still wouldn’t rise, so I ended up throwing it in my slow cooker to finish it off. One of my students sent me a link to, a website dedicate to the science of meat and bbq, and which scientifically explains why this “stall” happens and what to do if it does. More »

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How Our Notion of “Creepy” is All Screwed Up: Or, Why I Butcher and Cure and Cook Pig Heads and Feel Just Fine About It.

Recently, Chris Onstad, a lovely writer for the Portland Mercury, took my Pig Head Butchery & Charcuterie class and wrote a very good piece about it. I especially thought it interesting that Chris used the article to explore notions of decadence. And I found myself pondering why it is that a recipe like Porchetta di Testa that has undeniable peasant roots has come to be seen as something decadent. If the very definition of decadence is, as Chris says, something that makes your mouth water and your hair stand on end, I’m quite interested in the “hair standing on its end part” especially within the context of eating animals–or rather, every part of an animal. When did using parts of the animal like the head or the feet make our hair stand on end? This most certainly wasn’t always so. What psychological shift occurred to make these parts of the animal creep us out?

I reached the end of the article, and then, there was this: a lone reader comment. More »

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Meat Advice Over On Wusthof’s Website

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This Spring I took part in an ad campaign for Wusthof knives. Part of the deal is that each month I post something on their website having to do with meat. I’ve already posted a couple, including a meditation on Guys, Girls, and Grills, and a walk through of how to use a whole duck inspired by the duck classes I’ve been teaching with Sarah Wong. Check them out! Click on this link and then click on “The Poet.” That’s me….. More »

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