Yes. We have gift certificates.

Ready to give the gift of hands-on, transparent meat education?

We sell gift certificates for any value you like, which the recipient can then apply to the cost of any of our currently scheduled classes.  We do not sell gift certificates for specific classes. If you want to surprise someone by signing them up for a class, go ahead and register them and surprise them!  However, we do not provide customized gift certificates for those situations. For general gift certificates, we can send a beautifully designed hard copy, or we can send an e-copy that you print out yourself.

Soon, we'll have an online store where you can purchase your gift certificate, but for now we do it the old-fashioned way.

If you wish to purchase a general PMC gift certificate, please email the following information to

1) Your full name

2) The recipient's full name

3) Your mailing address

4) Tell us whether you want a hard copy or an e-copy.

5) Tell us what mailing address the hard copy should be mailed to and to whom the envelope should be addressed to (you? the recipient? the recipient's partner who will surprise them on their birthday?). Or, if you want an e-copy, tell us who to email it to.

6) Value of gift certificate

7) Your phone number

Once we receive this information we will email you an invoice telling you how to pay (either by snail mail check or by using a credit or debit card through Paypal—note that you do not need a Paypal account to do so).  Once we receive your payment we will mail or email a gift certificate to wherever it needs to go.  

If you are trying to figure out the value of the gift certificate, you can always look at our current class listings​, or check out our FAQ.

All gift certificate sales are final.  Our refund policy for recipients who apply gift certificates to a class and then need to cancel is the same as for those paying with cash, except that we do not refund cash to gift certificate recipients. Rather, we "refund" the equivalent credit on their gift certificate, which can then be applied to a different class at a later date. 

Our Refund Policy:

Our classes greatly depend on enough students pooling their money together to purchase the animals needed for the class. While we take care of the purchasing for you, as a student you are the one who pays for the purchase. We have to order the animals from farmers ahead of time. If everyone dropped out of the class at the last minute, you are still technically the owners of those animals and/or shares of animals. Since we are a traveling butchery school, we’ve nowhere to put the animals for safekeeping. For this reason we must have a refund policy that covers the cost of the animals no matter if a student can make it or not. If you wish to still get your share of meat, even though you can’t make the class, we can arrange for that, but if you do not let us know that this is your wish by the time class starts, we will give your meat to your fellow students. Our policy is as follows:

If students cancel 7 or more days before the class date: 100% will be refunded.

If students cancel 3 to 6 days before the class date: 50% will be refunded.

If students cancel with less than 2 day’s notice before the class date: 0% will be refunded.

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