Want to Learn More About What "Good, Clean, Fair Meat" Means? Take This Workshop!

March 20, 2017

We were so excited to find out about the Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS). After all, PUGS, like the PMC, is all about "lifelong learning that fits into people's real lives." The Portland Meat Collective believes in this too. Because our missions are so fabulously aligned, we decided to join forces. PMC founder Camas Davis will be offering a PUGS four-hour workshop titled "Good, Clean, Fair Meat," on April 29. Unlike Portland Meat Collective classes, this workshop won't focus on hands-on butchery or cooking. Instead, it will focus on group discussion and brainstorming as well as a small amount of lecture-style teaching. If you've never taken a Portland Meat Collective class before, this workshop will be a good entree into our philosophy. You can sign up or learn more about the PUGS workshop here! Here's the workshop description: 

In Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer writes, “there is something about eating animals that tends to polarize: never eat them or never sincerely question eating them; become activist or disdain activist.” A growing number of producers and consumers wonder whether there are stances in between. Slow Food International calls one such stance “good, clean, fair” meat: in this class we’ll explore what that can and cannot mean.

Is it possible to produce and consume meat sustainably and humanely? If 99% of the animals currently raised for food in America are factory farmed, what about the other 1%? Does a person have to be a 1%-er themselves in order to be able to afford that kind of meat? What does purchasing that 1% of meat require of us economically and culturally? What does “good, clean, fair” meat even look like (or taste like), and how will purchasing it require me to change the way you cook and eat?  

In this workshop you will discover:

-An overview of the environmental, cultural, and economic issues surrounding meat production in the industrial world

-A brief history of the “good, clean, fair” meat movement

-A discussion of the limits and definitions of “humane” and “sustainable” in the context of meat production

-A review of current choices in the marketplace for meat eaters, including an overview of current meat labeling practices and their meaning (or lack thereof)

-An introduction to sourcing, cooking, and eating “good, clean, fair” meat in Portland

  • March 20, 2017

    Want to Learn More About What "Good, Clean, Fair Meat" Means? Take This Workshop!

    Portland Underground Graduate School and Portland Meat Collective join forces to offer a four-hour, discussion-based workshop on "Good, Clean, Fair Meat." Find out more and sign up now! 

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